about me

Dr. Prateek Mishrapuri

was born in Haridwar near the Himalayas in North India. Right now he is also living there and he is working in Rishikesh near by Haridwar.

Prateek was born in an old Brahman family where the studying and teaching of Vedic Astrology and Yoga has its tradition over the last thirty generations.

Himself, he studied with his grandfather and later went to college in Haridwar where he studied Vedic Astrology and Yoga. He finished with a doctorate. His main subjects are: Vedic Astrology, Pranayama Breathing therapy and Yogatherapy.

After getting the degree he was working at a high national and international level. He is regularly travelling to many different countries like the USA, Australia, Israel, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Great Britain and many more.

Several times he got prices for his great astrological work and was many times in national and international media.

Prateek Mishrapuri is making an individual chart according to the Vedic astrology with a view of the past, present and future life.During the consultation he will give answers to questions, courage and trust for disoriented times and certainty regarding unclear aspects. Correct and veridic answers are based on exactly calculated astrological systems and are not only visionary abilities.

Vedic Astrology is a vast complex science with a lot of different combinations and calculating systems.The difference between Indian and Western Astrology is that Indian Astrology can give you more clear and exact facts and dates than the Western one and the Western Astrology mainly tells you more about your character.

Prateek Mishrapuri can give advices concerning many different topics like: Abilities, missions, diseases and how you can cure them, work and changes, good times for investment, general financial situation, living situation, relationships, marriages, spiritual life, how you can help your family and others in difficult times and many more.

One special feature in his work is that he combines the old, traditional knowledge of the Vedic philosophies with the modern, western view and therefore can give very important advice for many situations.