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26th of September 2021… Sunday and the thiti is panchmi and the nakshatra is krittika

Moon will be in taurusIf you want to make the master bedroom so it should be in South – South West side is good and leg should be in North side.

It is good for mental peace and good sleep. And Head should be in South or West side.

Never put a mirror in the bed room because you should not see your body in the night.

Ginger and licorice are both very good against coughing and cold.

Ginger is recuding fever and stabilise the immunsystem and licorice is beneficial for immune system as well and is good against coughing.

Make a tea of both of them and drink 1-2 cups during the day.

My friends I wish you a great time take care PrateekFrom Mishrapuri Panchang made by Dr. Prateek Mishrapuri Haridwar India

25th of September 2021…Saturday and the thiti is charthurthi and the nakshatra is bharni

When you make your Yoga centre, your meditation place or your praying place, your pooja place so it should be in North , North East side- it is the best direction according Vastu.

The pooja place should never be on the roof, it should be on the ground but if you are living in higher floor so it should be in North- East direction as well but bed room should not be there because both energies disturb each other.

Pooja place, the colour can be white or pink colour.Pooja place should not be under the stairs or in the basement.

Fenugreek is very beneficial herb as well, in Sankrit the name is meethi, methika. This herbal is very beneficial as well and useful for many thigns for example good against fever and coughing, strengthen the nervous systems, helps growing the hair, lowers blood sugar level etc. But do not eat too much during pregnancy time.

My friends I wish you a lightful time take care Prateek

From Mishrapuri Panchang made by Dr. Prateek Mishrapuri Haridwar India

24th of September 2021… Friday and the thiti is tritiya and the nakshatra is ashwani

When you make the toilet in the home be careful about it- because toilet and shower should not be together – if possible avoid it- it is like moon and rahu together because toilet is rahu and shower is moon energy- when they go together so it bring lots of fighting in the home.

During shower time, your face should be North or East side and in toilet, your face should be to South side- if possible.

Try to make shower and toilet in different spaceAnd if you make a bathtub- so your legs should not be in South direction

Tulsi is one of the most important healing plants and herbs in Ayurveda and Indian culture. In Sanskrit the name is Tulsi and it belongs to Basil family. It is a very holy herb and it has many benefits for human beings. for example it clears the mind, it reduces the stress, it strengthen the immu system, it is good against cold and brinchitis etc.

My friends I wish you a wonderful time full of love and joy take care Prateek

From Mishrapuri Panchang made by Dr. Prateek Mishrapuri Haridwar India

23rd of September 2021… Thursday and the thiti is dwitiya and the nakshatra is revati

According the Vastu you should make some little garden, infront of the main down – you should put some neem, amla, mango trees or any other nice trees. Especielly you should put some tusli tree which can take all negative energy from the home.

In Ayurveda we use a lot fennel, anise spice and cumin – these 3 spices are very favourable for good digestive system and all of them relieve gas.

They also calm nerves, inhibit inflammations and regulate intestinal flora…so all of them are very beneficial.

My friends have a nice time take care Prateek

From Mishrapuri Panchang made by Dr. Prateek Mishrapuri Haridwar India

22nd of September 2021… Wednesday and the thiti is dwitiya and the nakshatra is revati.

Why we say North or East side face is good- because sun is rising from East side so good energy is coming in your door.Why we say North side is good – because from North pol very holy, nice silent energy is living, so if your door is in North side, always this good energy is coming in your home.

As we mentioned already several times, oiling the nostrils is very important for moisturizing- Vata element will go down and it brings good sleep etc.It is very beneficial in the autuum and winter season and especielly now during this time- it is good stop avoid any kind of cold and sniffles.

My friends I wish you a peaceful time take care Prateek.From Msihrapuri Panchang amde by Dr. Prateek Mishrapuri Haridwar India

21st of September 2021…Tuesday and the thiti is pradipadha and the nakshatra us uttara padhrapadha.

Here now the Vastu tipp.

For the door of the house, for the main door, avoid any kind of dragon, lion etc…make some beautiful picture like Ganesha, Krishna picture or make some holy simple according your religion. It will bring good energy in your home.

Ayurveda tipp: Aloe Vera, well know for most of the people, Sanksrit name is Kumari, is a wonderful herb and mainly the juice of it, is very benefical.Aloe Vera is used for many things for example for cosmetics, for shampoos etc. – it has so many benefits – it is rich of vitamins, minerals, trace elements etc.It is very helpful for little burns because it supports the wound healing.

My friends I wish you a joyful time take care PrateekFrom Mishrapuri Panchang made by Dr. Prateek Mishrapuri Haridwar India

Dr. Prateek Mishrapuri

Prateek Mishrapuri was born in Haridwar near the Himalayas in North India. Right now he is also living there and he is working in Rishikesh near by Haridwar.

Prateek was born in an old Brahman family where the studying and teaching of Vedic Astrology and Yoga has its tradition over the last thirty generations.

What is Yoga?

The ancient Yogis had a profound understanding of man’s essential nature and of what he/she needs in order to live in harmony with himself/herself and his/her environment.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology, called Jyotish is the traditional astrological

system of India.

Its origins root in Vedic culture and date back to approximately

3000 years before Christ.

The system is based on the Vedas being the first scriptures of India.

It is an ancient science which is timeless and universal.


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